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Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Designing and Development

We are a Best Mobile Application ( App) Designing and Development company ( Agency) in Surat, Gujarat, India offering our services to various customers in regions like Vadodara, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Thane, Andheri, Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru ( Bangalore) as well as worldwide Regions. We develop and design Multi User, high functioning,high performance Big Data analytics involved Mobile Apps consisting of advanced features like Easy and Simple to adopt, Integrated with all the types of Web APIs, Utility Apps, eCommerce Apps, Portal Apps, Social Networking, Online Food Delivery App, Grocery Apps, Affiliate Marketing Applications, data and business analytics, high performance cloud databases as well as specialized functionalities like Artificial Intelligence to meet the perspectives of our client’s Goals.

Mobile Application Development is a one of the most important technological advancements in human daily life. From every small to huge business model it has become the the most favourite method to experience growth and get things going for business. We are undoubtedly the slave of handheld devices which has power to connect 8 billion socialized sets of intelligent creatures.Mobile Application development is a pretty important, creative, tedious and crucial task for any business. Today we have around 5 billion Mobile Users with access to global, Social and National services for various fields of works in human ecosystem. There are Laptops, Tablets, Cellular Mobile Phone with 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Wifi and upcoming superfast 5G technology coming for the hunt. A experienced and innovative group of mobile app developers provides you at highly versatile and dominant sets of mobile app development services at Total pro.

Total Pro has an experienced team is well familiarized with all the type of mobile development technologies, platforms, tools and editors. There are different all round mobile application platform depending on the companies, Communities and hardware, and these are categorized mainly due to use and development platform. The types of mobile app development are iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry Native Mobile Application. We have multiplatform Mobile App Development which are generally known as hybrid mobile app frameworks like React Native, Ionic and PhoneGap to deliver efficient cross-platform mobile application. To enable integrating hybrid, native and web application we have the freedom to produce great cross platform technologies to deliver more efficient methodologies.

Being a strategic All platform Mobile application development company in Surat, Gujarat, India, we enable our clients to go mobile easily and efficiently.Services For Your Business Goals with Our All-Platform Mobile App Development Team.

Future Ready, Elegant, Easy

Our work in IOS & Android App development is predominantly designed and developed to make sure a great experience for your audience. It is important that your Mobile product is easy, secure, & meets Needs. We have planned, designed & Delivered IOS & Android mobile solutions for great corporations and business and continue to excel one the roads of perfection ever.

The 6 Main Types of Mobile Apps That We help you to Develop


These are the apps which are in the most needed type category. What we mean is a lifestyle app is the app which enhance our productivity and indulge our basic needs with technology to explore electronic way to have a track on ourselves and define us with personal taste closely. We like to embrace our life and people, places and movements.Fitness,Dating,Food,Music,Travel.

The most important role of these applications are that they become a habit and provide a more creative way to see how much we can give ourselves with handheld devices. These are most used daily applications which are behind used every day Like, find food near me, Play music or show me some great travel destination. It also gives us very good platform to compare ourselves and evaluate our habits, personality and characteristics and provide us ways to enhance our personality using Mobile Application in just one click.So, Whatever is your business model if you are going to explore mobile app development as a platform to innovate or create something that is surely gonna be a great startup idea. It will be easy to find your solutions after finding problems and comparing solutions with the development of these apps.

Examples Of Lifestyle Apps:


Social Media Application is now a days a very common and most talked about business platform which has something that application development has to do with. We are living a world where we cannot live without knowing and staying updated about all the important feeds, trends, news and happening things.Development of these kind of apps gives you a very huge user base and that user base will be easy to retain as their use increase because of the status and trend following habits of social craving.We need to be social and the applications should be able to hold all the human emotional representation characteristics in their features, motive and feel. There should be great fun and connectivity in the mobile world same as we have in our real lives.

Sharing is the most researched feature of social mobile application. There must be every possible provision to share, live and celebrate your daily updates, feelings and creativity to people out there as we so in our community and human society.For example there are application which allows you to share your food blogging posts and feeds which allows you to compare and evaluate your creativity and their extent of usefulness to any person in the world. So these type of applications are important to improve our quality and dimension of uniqueness to a much better way.Great number of other platform gives you facility to share a post, any life event, or achievements with your social community. It makes their users easy to explore their passion and not hesitate to show their internal life milestones and great creativity.

While Developing this type of Application it requires great expertise in the fields of social networking logics, understanding of human psychology, understanding of usability of Application, Use case scenarios, Secure and Safe database setup and easy application function. The development should be promising and the team must have prior knowledge of user growth and promotion strategy concepts for viral promotion of application features. The functionality includes sharing of post, editing features of post, Video, Music, Reviews, Location Setup, Food and travel integration system with Online Travel Agencies, inter community pages and group setup functionalities.

Some common social media apps are:


Utility Applications are more of a kind of tools application which we normally does not recognize as apps, we rather consider them preinstalled or system in built facilities and tools. Like To-Do, Calendar, Calculator , Notes, Clock, Alarms, Flash Lights ETC. The development of these application is basic and primary we need a best android or iOS develop team or company nearby. It requires great experienced also to go for hybrid technology for these kind of applications.

Some examples of common types of mobile apps in the utility category are:

These are not the Application which we open often without any requirement, these are the application which are required in certain situations in life where we look for immediate use of these application for solving any of our problem or to make use of technology to keep us working.The business model requires incremental downloads of utility apps with some feature that is providing quickest and easiest solution for any day to day problems. If the application is unique then it very possible that the app will be a global success in a very short time. The revenue is obtained by google adds, paid partnerships with ecommerce or wallet companies, you can run affiliate marketing campaign on your app. Or provide in app purchase with features or premium purchase. In Apple’s App store and Google’s Playstore you have to create a developers account to publish the app and subscribe with policies of Google Ad sense to get adds in your application.

TotalPro India Provide Most up to date features keeping user growth and revenue model for business in mind. We provide our expertise in business solutions and consultancy in making the technology use more relevant to the business and its process. We are the best App Development in Android, iOS, Hybrid like PhoneGapp, Ionic, Cordava, Xamarin platform. We like to be called the team which is providing solutions in Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Whole Gujarat, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chandigarh , Delhi NCR, Gurgao, New Delhi, Jaiupur, Patna, Lucknow and much more.


This Industry is the most competitive and popular in mobile Application Industry. We need not to tell the scope, size, opportunities, and user base of these Application worldwide. Gaming industry is always been a massive technology boost which is growing, Developing, Simplifying and creating customer base. The users have no category, Age group, Regional dependency or Language Restrictions. There are more than 100 categories of games like arcade, Shooting games, 2D games, 3D games, Mission Games, Card Games, Betting Games, Addictive Simulation, Puzzle, Adventure, Car Racing, Casino, Action and games in AR and VR. the major reason for development of games is that users are pretty addicted to games once they find the game easy and interesting. They are used to come and play the game more often than any other application. They spend more time in game than any other social apps. They return daily, and many times in a week. We know what social impact have been put on by games like PubG, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush, Clash Of Clans, Temple Run and many more.

The frequency of games played is very high and the time duration spent is also tends to be high compared to any other app.As Totalpro We have planned, Consulted, Designed or developed many games in all the above said category of games. Our team is specialized in specifying use case and game scenarios with great graphical experience. Our team is defined with best game designers and Developers in our region Surat, Gujarat, India.

Some examples of game apps are:


Productivity apps are kind of business utility apps with features for management, Planning, Toold and software type facility to make documents, Mail, Create List, Excel sheets, Business Process Management, Accounting Billing and Much more. Whenever the productivity application development is required it is very important to create an application much easier and simpler to do real time data and process management using application which is running on mere hand held devices. We are the Application Developers which has been into the business since very long and we provide perfect business solutions for development or SaaS based platforms and inter community or organization user app.

Examples of productivity apps are, well, many of the products from both Google, Adobe and Apple, like:


News, Feeds, Daily Doze for Facts and Discoveries are the types of Application which has seen a great user growth and research in use from a very short while in technology. It is been a fact that these application has found a great place in intellectual and knowledge ever hungry people’s mind and Smart phones. When we declared that human world has shrunk to palms and 4 inch display we really need to mention the global trend and news broadcasting applications which are popular and getting much more innovative ways to indulge audience in many creative manner. These App development require great knowledge of news and Feeds sharing services and source for genuine and trusted broadcasting. Fake news is the global problem which has caused, Trauma, Distress, Chaos, Misinterpretation, false accusations, wrong image perceptions among huge mass of people. We in the tech world are always against the use of such platform for any Fake news or inappropriate use of technology. So it requires great sense of technology and respect human integrity of co existence of people from different race , Community, Views, Groups and origin.

Examples of different types of popular news apps are: