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Website Development Company in Surat

We are Totalpro, a premier web development consultant and technology advisor with all the web and internet technology related consulting and development team. We are the best Website Development Company in Surat, Gujarat, India. We provide all the Website designing and website Development services and solutions for our clients globally.Totalpro houses best web designers and developers in Surat, Gujarat, India.

We have specialized in few domains which include, most accurate requirement gathering, best cost and time efficient delivery methodology. Finest solutions and use case scenario simulation.We have a great force of web developers who make use of functional and reliable solutions to make your business ahead from those of your competition.

Website development company in surat

latest technologies

Latest Technology Used At Total-pro

We are on extensive head to head race with the latest technological developments and requirements, and our team is supported by professionals who can guarantee your quality and heartfelt work get done in minimum possible time. Our professionals seize and utilize your business idea to give a great real world perspective and functional website that is tailor made according to your need and goal.

The latest technologies are efficiently blended into the website and it seamlessly designs an exclusive Identity for your company while serving to your customers internationally. We have best in Class PHP Jquery Developers and Database administrators. We provide solution in VPS (Virtual Private Server), Shared Server, Dedicated Server, AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) and Cloud Storage Solutions in Surat, Gujarat, India. We also develop website in Asp.NET, Ruby on rails, AngularJS, NodeJS, React and other popular technologies which are higher and most effective performance based solution.

Website Designing In Latest Framework

We also provide website development and website designing in frameworks which are cost and time effective for start-ups and online shopping industry, the frameworks we use are Opencart, Wordpress, Woocommerce solutions with quality and cost effective time frame. As mentioned above our major experience and specialty lies with the start-ups and business growth including performance enhancement technologies and here we have specialized technical and business solutions for eCommerce development.

An eCommerce development requires great understanding of business, client targets and goals customer and product viability simplicity and easy to adopt technology integration. It is very important for ecommerce start-ups to enhance and practice best possible requirement gathering system, close relation with project manager from the company.

website Designing

Custom Website Development Company

Development Procedure

There are lots of Development procedures followed by major IT Companies. And we are trying to provide best budget solutions for our clients in the paradigm. We are in a journey of making the website development a serious and most understandable part of any business which is looking to encourage the feel of online presence.

We are the best and in the top 10 IT Company (Agency) or Website (Web) Designing and Development company in Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Thane, Ghatkopar, Vikhroli. Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Ville Parle, Andheri, South Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, U.P (Uttar Pradesh). Madhya Pradesh (M.P.). We like to serve People with highly experience Developers and Great Designers.

Types Of Website Developmemnt

Static Website Designing & Development

Static Website Designing & Development

A static website is an online profile or Identity that is a collection of multiple web pages. Companies and firms or even individuals use static website as a strong tool to induct an online presence into online world while maintaining a budget solution for the start. To deliver the motto or enthusiasm about your organization, a static website is a great step for a new era of online presence. Easy to Make and easy to maintain a non frequent change and updating driven solution is what we have in the name of static website. As we provide Best solution for Static Website Designing & Development we provide Best service with after delivery support.

A static website is one of the most important part of today's Business. That's why we provide Best Static Website Desiging & Development Solution.It is simple, effective, and is very easy for Google search engines to get listed. When potential customers and clients are looking at you as possible solutions, supplier or a one stop place to get whatever they require, they will be able to have a walk on your website.Remember, your website is obvious the first and only method to make a first impression on your audience and possible new customers. Website Redesigning specializes in "touch-ups" and our Website Redesign practices will definitely create niche for you.

UI and UX Designing for Static Website

Responsiveness is most important elements while making or designing Web pages now days. For maximum hand held devices’ UI and UX experience, it is highly necessary to create websites and UI that are responsive device optimized. It is very crucial for a website to be responsive as that promises high range of user engagement with audience who could be clients, employees or consumers.

We provide website designing services aim at providing solutions like UI and UX Designing for website development to make your websites a piece of art and a beautiful first impression. UI & UX Designing is the most crucial part of Website. UI & UX Designing is the only element that make your Website More attractive as well as responsive for any devices.

UI and UX Designing for Static Website
Dynamic Website Development

Dynamic Website Development

A dynamic website development is a type of collection of web pages which are connected with data base and provides calculation and results after events or inputs to the user. We are intensively involved in the development and designing of realtime database and calculation driven dynamic websites with an user friendly and interactive user interface where the changes and outputs are maintained by highly logical programming methodology. Features of our active dynamic web design and web development services areCreating wireframe with all the flow and logic handling. Visual layout designing with most creative, innovative and artistic user friendly UI and UX Web pages optimized with low load time and high page load speed.

A dynamic website is a type of collection of web pages which are connected with data base and provides calculation and results after events or inputs to the user.We provide all the type of custom ecommerce and dynamic website development services . Dynamic Website Development and designing is an important process of having great integration with web servers using server side scripting and programming language to connect front end with backend. Dynamic website development includes high performing server and front end connectivity and better user generated results. All the Ecommerce websites, CRM, Portals, Mobile Apps connected with backend and database are dynamic Website or we call customized dynamic website. We are the best in class custom and dynamic website development Agency (company) in Surat, Gujarat, India. We are team of great Developers and Designers having great experience in all the different types of dynamic web applications, Websites and Web portal development process.

eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Portal Or Website is currently most searched and talked requirement from prospectus of retail, online shop or business owners. Totalpro India a subsidiary of Equtix Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of a hell of a best IT and ecommerce development team/Company/agency/makers that you can find with a budget with most critical and logical thinking capacity to boost your business to a new great extent. We are specialized in every kind of eCommerce Website and Application development with huge experience of business and startup growth requirement gathering. We are highly critical of business to electronic logical dry run practices to cover all the necessary business flow identification and use case scenarios of online shopping keeping user behavior in mind.

We believe in easy to adopt less click contained shopping flow for better customer retention and great user experience with a pure estimation of higher business outcome from online portal. Ecommerce is popular business strategy to utilize full strength of internet and social media marketing. We make sure that the clients get a great and overwhelming response from the users and visitors to make sure that they return and become a quality word of mouth for our clients. Ecommerce business requires great knowledge and support from business point of thinking. We as a ecommerce consultant provide great consultancy in every It, Design, Creativity, Client Retention, User Experience, Business logics, Startup growth, Promotional strategies and much more related with all the features and functions related with ecommerce and online shops.

Dynamic Website Development
Web Portal

Web Portal

A website or web system that provides the integrated functions and features to manage, authenticate and identify users with easy, instinctive, personalized user customizable web interface for organizational and client’s external interactive process management is called a Portal web Portal.Portals are designed to accommodate, increase efficiency and organize business to customer (B2C) and business to employee (B2E) communications, functioning and interactions. The ability to easily and safely share information with clients, partners and employees is most important integration feature required by organizations.

Your organization’s portal can become source of income, management tool and it is often a clients’ first impression of your company. We can help you evolve and expect changing user needs and demands by crafting sensible portals to integrate and distribute relevant information and perform business processes with smooth functionality.Businesses these days are increasingly asking for newer integration platforms to connect with partners, teams and customers, that are seamless to use and can intensify their productivity. Organizations and Enterprises that have inducted cloud integration platforms have been able to stay ahead in the race certainly. The most mind blowing effects for any user of these integration platforms is the connectivity it caters with internal and external users.

We utilize following technologies for our web designing process:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Visual Studio

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap
  • Jquery

  • Javascript

Types Of Website Designing

Responsive Website Design

We provide responsive website designing services which make sure your website works on all kinds of a device such as mobile, laptop & desktop screens.

Static Website Design

Static website designing services provided by the Nextwebi, it???s a website which does not have database good for small businesses.

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic website design allows you to update the content on your website from admin panel and add news & events, blogs etc.


CMS stands for content management system allows the user to manage and change the website content by admin panel including images.

API Integration

We can integrate your website with 3rd party API to get more visibility from different platforms such as Google, FB, Linkedin, payment gateway, SMS gateway etc.

E - Commerce

Our eCommerce allows the customer to sell and collect the payment online including the inventory management, delivery etc.